A music documentary for the digital age, CUMULUS covers a period in the life of singer-songwriter and musician Imogen Heap (

It was created using only digital content and conversations on social media, focused on a time of creativity and innovation for Imogen, that led to the creation of two albums in collaboration with her fans, and the development of the groundbreaking Mi.Mu musical glove technology.


Cumulus documentary film - Imogen Heap 2


CUMULUS was Produced and Directed by Christopher Ian Smith (


In exploring the development of Imogen’s personality in the digital space and the reciprocal relationship she has with her dedicated fan base, CUMULUS touches on ideas of transcendence, the concept of digital consciousness and the reciprocal relationship of the real and the virtual.


To reflect Imogen’s unique relationship with both digital technology and her fan base – the film has been crafted solely from digital content and interactions on social media between Imogen and her fans. Through Tweets, Facebook posts, Reddit AMAs, YouTube videos, Instagram images, Vine videos and more.

A Modern Production (

Cumulus was commissioned by the Reel Lives Project (
Edited by Jody VandenBurg
Motion Design and Graphics – Buff Motion (
Assistant Producer – Anneka Haskins
Production Assistant – Lubna Salad
P & A Designer – Amanda Soon Yue Ling
P & A Assistant – Davide Rambaldi
Copywriter – Christina Soh
Senior Researcher – James Rawson
Researcher – Roxana Ghirbomean
Researcher – Max Newton
Researcher – Colette Pacini
Researcher – Grace Murphy
Written and Performed by Imogen Heap
Written and Performed by Imogen Heap
Special Thanks
Imogen Heap
Keith Jensen
Adrian Lausch
Sarah Mabe
Jennifer White-Torres
Robert Pronto
Anna Pronto
Miriam Mason
Tim Hilberts
Alan Jay
Elizabeth Hentze
Laurel Enix
Alexandra Arnold
Brandon Alexander
Andrew Close
Thanks to all contributors
Candice Claasen
Chels Dabomb
Victirua Decker
Hoop Furthur
Lisa Hayes-Foley
Jessi Lee Ross
Emily Stokes
Michael Tyler
Sadie Whiteside
Cassie Cardelle
Cecilie Kamp
Frisa Jakobsson
Joseph Solano
Charlie Ulm
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